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Wheel Spinner Online

We are happy to introduce Wheel Generator. One of the best and easy-to-use wheel spinners online that also works as a random name picker!

What is the Wheel Generator?

This free wheel spinner allows you to create a wheel that includes names, words, or even elements like emojis that you can just copy-paste into the ‘Entries’ box.

Who is this random name generator wheel for?

The wheel generator can be used by anyone who is looking for fun ways to make decisions or wants to create a game or activity for family, friends, or colleagues.

Education Purposes

Are you a teacher looking for more interesting ways to make teaching more interactive? The wheel is an excellent tool for teachers and it can help to make decisions with the class in a random way. It can also be used to divide people into groups, choose an activity on what to do, and more.


Play the spin the wheel game with your friends. Create a ”Truth or Dare’, Cards Against Humanity or any other game that needs quick decision making. Be creative, create quizzes, debate games or trivia, and have a great time with friends and family.

Decision Making

Having a hard time choosing between several options? Create a unique wheel and forget about choosing between several options – let the wheel decide! Use the wheel to choose where to have dinner tonight, what sports activity to choose, or even where to go on your next vacation!

4 benefits of Wheel Generator

  1. You can enter up to 500 entries, for example, random names, emojis etc.
  2. It’s simple and easy to use
  3. Customizable – turn on and off the sound
  4. It’s a completely free name generator or, as we like to call it, a free online spinner available for everyone

How to make a spinning wheel?

Here is a quick, step-by-step guide if you want to create your own spinning wheel with Wheel Generator.

  1. Delete the names that are set by default from ‘Entries’.
  2. Write down your names. Remember that each name has to be in the new line, meaning when writing one name, press ‘enter’ and then write the next one.*
  3. In order to spin the wheel press the ‘Spin’ button or the white circle in the middle of the generator.
  4. Then the ‘winner’ is announced! You can also see it by checking the Results.
  5. Done! Use the same wheel again or create a new one!

*A minimum of 2 names is required for the wheel to work.

If you want to create a new wheel, just press the ‘Reset’ button; it will reset results and names.

To share your created wheel on, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin, you can do it just by pressing the ‘Share’ button.

If you still have questions about the Wheel Generator, contact us!