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What is a Color Wheel?

Color Wheel Picker is an online wheel that selects a random color from various colors. You can either use our 12 color wheel or customize the wheel with your selection of colors.

How to Use a Color Wheel?

To use the color wheel:


1. Click spin to spin the wheel;

2. After the winning answer is announced, click OK and spin the wheel again;

3. Repeat as many times as necessary!


How Many Colors are on the Color Wheel?

Wheel Generator’s color wheel has 12 base colors – Red, Orange, Yellow, Black, White, Gray, Silver, Blue, Purple, Cyan, Violet, Lime. You can use the color wheel with these selected colors or make a color wheel with your own.

How to Make a Color Wheel Spinner?

To make your color wheel or random number generator delete all entries, write your colors, click enter after each color and click spin to see the winner. Repeat as many times as necessary and share with friends!

When can You Use this Color Wheel Picker?

You can use the color wheel in many situations when you feel indecisive. The Wheel Generator team has come up with the most common questions you can ask when spinning the wheel.


  1. What colour should I paint my nails?
    Can’t decide what your next manicure should look like? Let the color wheel decide for you; choose your colors or our custom-made wheel. 

  1. What colour should I paint my room?
    If you have several favorite colors and cannot decide which one to use for interior design, try your luck with the color wheel. 

  1. What colour should I wear today?
    Spice up your look by being spontaneous and letting the color wheel choose the color of your outfit! 


  1. What colour should I dye my hair?
    If experimenting with different hair colors sounds fun, our color wheel can help you choose the color you should try. 

Just Spin the Wheel!